Sunday, September 15, 2013

They Call Me "The Mace Lady"

Many people who know that I sell pepper spray and other self defense products now call me "The Mace Lady". I think I like it. I could be known as something worse.

I think once you're given a title, you have a responsibility to live up to that. So I will continue to sell pepper spray (Mace is now a brand of pepper spray) and educate people, especially women, on the different types and why they should carry some.

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"The Mace Lady"

Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick Pepper Spray Tip

          Before you use or carry pepper spray, try it out to see what it feels. Each canister is a bit different depending on its size and the kind of top it has.
     Even the smallest ½ oz. size has enough for 6-8 one second sprays so use 1 or 2 for practice.
     Or get yourself an inert practice spray canister, usually in ½ o. or 2 oz. size if you don’t want to “waste” any pepper spray.
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets" Book Launch!

Today, Thursday, September 5, 2013, is launch day on Amazon for my "Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets" book!

I'm so excited--for me and for you!

This is your chance to learn the best business tips, secrets, strategies, etc. to build and grow your own business for FREE! If you don't have a business, get it for someone you know who may be struggling and wants to succeed.
This special offer is for a FREE Kindle version of my book. Co-authored with 14 others, we really want to get the Best Seller designation from Amazon, and with your help, we can do it! Don't forget about all the bonus offers for today only!

As a shameless bribe, I'm offering a FREE pepper spray to you for your "purchase/download". Just send me a copy of your receipt and I'll send your pepper spray!

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You can always purchase either the Kindle version or the actual book any time after today, but why not get it for FREE today?

Thank you for your support. I can't wait to tell you the results!

To Your Safety,
Platinum Security Products

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Strongest Pepper Spray Available: What if George Had Pepper Spray?

Strongest Pepper Spray Available: What if George Had Pepper Spray?: In case you've been on vacation in some remote tropical place, the breaking news is that George Zimmerman has been acquitted of the murd...

What if George Had Pepper Spray?

In case you've been on vacation in some remote tropical place, the breaking news is that George Zimmerman has been acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin in Florida. Riots and protests ensued, Stevie Wonder is boycotting the state of Florida, opinions are flying around, the jurors are in hiding, the feds are threatening to get involved, and so on.

All in the name of self defense!

You may be wondering what exactly is self defense. When can it be used, how may it be used, can a weapon be used, if so, what kind? Lethal or non-lethal? Should you just run away, retreat? What if you can't? What if you're being held down and attacked?

What if George had the strongest pepper spray or a high voltage stun gun instead of a hand gun? He still could have defended himself and Trayvon would still be alive.

Anyways, we'll never know what really happened that night, and both men made mistakes, sadly, one of them fatal.

Our products at Platinum Security Products are non-lethal self defense weapons. They are effective and have no permanent damage to an attacker. Chances are slim that you'll wind up in court after using them.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Best Pepper Spray Can't Be Used Against You

You want to carry some type of self defense product, maybe the best pepper spray, but you're afraid that an attacker will just grab it and start to spray it at you. So you don't carry anything, leaving yourself vulnerable.

You don't have to feel like this anymore. There's a new kind of pepper spray that deactivates when the wrist strap is pulled away. It's the new Defuser Pepper Spray!

Wear the strap around your wrist and grip the pepper spray canister in your hand while you walk, jog or run. If someone tries to pull it away from your hand, once the pin attached to the strap is pulled out, the pepper spray canister won't spray. 

Hopefully, you had the chance to spray your attacker before it's grabbed away from you and deactivated. Then you'll have time to escape to safety while he's choking, coughing and crying.

Available in pink or black, Defuser Pepper Spray uses law enforcement strength 10% Sabre Red pepper spray, making it one of the best pepper spray available.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Extra Protection With A Large Pepper Spray

Why would you need a large pepper spray? You certainly can't discreetly carry it around with you, even in a holster on your belt, unless you're a police officer or security guard.

How about keeping a large pepper spray at home? Imagine this: someone rings your bell and you open the door to find a large scummy looking dude who tries to force his way in. But you have a secret weapon!

You grab your extra large pepper spray from its holder by the door and maybe just the threat of being sprayed will send him on his way. If you do have to use it, you'll have enough to send him stumbling down your front porch, choking, coughing and wheezing. Then you call the police to pick him up. He'll be hard to miss.

What if there's more than one attacker or intruder? You'll have enough to blast them all. Your little pocket pepper spray won't last.

Other good places to keep a large pepper spray may be your garage, basement, your place of business that may be in a rough area, in your truck, wherever.

Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray is the strongest pepper spray available and comes in many sizes. Get one or more today to defend your property and yourself.